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            How do I forward my email?

            Send a copy of any incoming email from one address to another. For example, forward joe@example.com to joseph@example.com so that you only have one inbox to check.

            1. Log in to your email account online by going to http://yourdomain.com/webmail  (replace "yourdomain.com" with your company's domain).
            1. Enter your full email address as the username.
            2. Enter the password you received when your email address was set up (unless it was changed after the fact). 
              *Can't remember your password? Submit a ticket to request a reset.
            2. Click on your email address in the top right of the screen and then click "Forwarders".

            3. On the next page that loads, click the blue "Add Forwarder" button.

            4. Enter the email address that you wish to forward your email to and then click "Add Forwarder".

            Updated: 31 Jul 2019 05:13 AM
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