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            Can the Zoho Email App for Android/Apple handle multiple accounts?

            Yes. If you have more than one email account with Zoho, even if the domains are different, you can now access both emails from the Zoho app for smartphone.

            eg) You own two companies, both with Zoho accounts: email@companyone.com and email@companytwo.com

            You can do so by following the steps given below:
            1. Login to the Zoho Mail app using one of your accounts.
            2. Click the hamburger icon at the top left corner.
            3. In the successive screen, click the downward arrow beside your email address.
            4. Click 'Add Account'.
            5. Enter the credentials of your second account in the sign in screen.
            6. Upon doing so, the second account will be added there as well.
            7. You can switch between both the accounts by clicking the downward arrow (as mentioned in point 3) 
            Alternatively, you can add multiple Zoho email accounts to any mobile email app using IMAP or POP3 email settings.

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            Updated: 31 Jul 2019 05:17 AM
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